In A Box

Understanding where you are as a business and what needs to be improved is essential to your success. 
Our team are here to guide you through your growth plans.

Perhaps you need help gaining that important investment or you would like to concentrate on your vision whilst we take care of the back office, saving you employing a full time team and expensive on-costs.

Our services are available individually – “Pick & Mix” 

or can be purchased as a package – “In A Box”.

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What's in the Box

Start Up or Scaling

Inspirational leaders, like you, need support to build your powerful vision. 

We are your trusted advisors with real experience of founding and scaling businesses. We help you achieve your vision, gain funding, motivate your team, help you fix problems, save you time and money and help propel you forward to your Nirvana.


Every illuminating and powerful vision requires a strategic plan to achieve your long term aims. 

We work with you to produce a strategy to inform your next steps, raise funds and excite your team, customers and investors.

Let us help you get out there and sell your products or services to the world.


Business Plans

Vision + strategy + business plan = successful business.

Your business plan underpins the strategy and provides the specific ‘what, why, how, who and when’ that is needed to achieve your vision and make a success of your business.


Raise Investment

Raising investment is a minefield. 

We will help you navigate not just the formal requirements to land and then manage that investment, such as EIS/SEIS, pitch decks and formal submissions, but also the relationship nuances and complexities that come hand in hand with raising those essential funds.

Management Accounts

You cannot raise funds without having accurate financial data. That data needs to be current and in touch with your organisation’s pulse. 

Your values and vision are gold, but the financial data is the family silver that underpins the story of your vision and is critical to you raising investment or gaining grants.

Financial Modelling

Your investors or funders will want you to deliver financial modelling to showcase your exciting future. We work closely with you to build these models.

This is your opportunity to take the powerful words and energy of your vision and provide you and your investors or funders with the excitement, potential and reason for them to invest in your business’s future.

Document & Pitch Deck Design

You want a professional image in your presentations but are too busy to spend ages faffing around aligning a deck, getting the font and colours right and ensuring it projects the right messages. 

Our experienced team listen to your needs and think through every step of the process, providing you with visually compelling documents to land customers and funding.


Website Building

If you’re not a tech company then you probably don’t have anyone to build your latest forward-facing brochure, your website.  

Whether you want to merely showcase your organisation, build your followers and buyers or sell products and services, your website is still your showcase. Your social media can follow on, but your website is still your shop front.

Customer Retention

We help you choose the right technology to manage your customers and sales; set up your processes to manage those lovely customers; set the key performance indicators to make sure they stay on board. 

You need more than just time and a winning smile, you need to understand what makes them stay and that’s where we come in, supporting you to support them.

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